Spring Sneakers

Pastels and brights galore to vamp up your sneaker collection this spring & summer!!!  I've become a big fan of sneakers since discovering Seersucker + Saddles blog a couple years ago.  Beth's sneaker game is. on. point.  Like all day, every day.  I've even started wearing sneakers with dresses and skirts because of her (which I prob. never would have done a few years ago)...funny to look back and think of how much my personal style has evolved.

Which pair of sneaks are your fave?  I'm really digging (obsessed, actually) those purple & green New Balances!  And those studded Sam Edelman slip-ons!!!  Also, anything Bensimon.  I've got these in navy and they just slip on so easily with any casual spring outfit for that je ne sais quoi Parisian chic look.

Happy humps, everyone!  A week from today, I'll be on my way to F L O R I D A ... CAN'T FREAKING WAIT :) Thanks for stopping by!


I'm heading to Naples, FL next week for some MUCH needed consistent sunshine!  So, naturally I've got bikinis on my mind...

Fingers, toes and eye crossed for beautiful weather the entire week we're in Naples!  Enough of this finicky March weather...I declare, March is def. my least favorite month of the year since moving to Charleston.  Every year, it's the same...we get a few days of glorious upper 70s/80s weather and then back to the 40s and 50s...AND RAIN...yuck!  Should I really be complaining though after the crazy winter the rest of the country has had??  Yep.  I live in the south for a reason!  I want sunshine, beach and boating weather a minimum of 8 months out of the year.  Is that too much to ask for?

Tommy and I have been going to Naples to visit his parents the past 3 years around this time of year.  You may remember this, this, this and this post from last years trip!  Stay tuned for some NEW outfit posts...Tommy's mom is so much fun to take photos with :)

Smile Brilliant Review

Smile Brilliant is a total DIY, at-home, teeth whitening kit.  The Tray Creation Kit has everything you need to get started.  You create the molds yourself (which was super easy, btw), send the molds in to Smile Brilliant where the professionals create your clear whitening trays.  They ship them back to you within a week and you're ready to go! 

The Desensitizing Gel is used before the Whitening Gel to minimize the sensitivity.  I used the Desensitizing Gel for 30 minutes to an hour before whitening and I still experienced some major sensitivity.  If you normally have pretty sensitive teeth (I don't), I would not recommend using this product.  I also want to disclose that I experienced some gum irritation an inflammation due to not wiping off the excess gel around my gums during the whitening process.  The Whitening Gel is serious stuff and you will see results after only a few treatments so definitely make sure to wipe off any excess gel around the gum line!

If you're looking for a new and effective way to whiten your teeth, give Smile Brilliant a try!  It's much more affordable than having it done at the dentist and the results will not disappoint!

*Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post