Cozy Winter Accessories

I tried to leave the house today without a coat, but quickly retreated as it was frickin' freezing this morning!  It made me want to go out and buy a bunch of new cozy winter accessories!  I have a gazillion winter accessories from growing up in Virginia and going to college in West Virginia.  Although, I don't wear gloves and beanies all that much in Charleston, it gets pretty darn cold here at least a handful of times during the winter months.  When the temps do dip down (below 45 is FREEZING to me these days!), I love to bundle up in a cozy scarf and some cute gloves!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your week is off to a great start!

Cyber Monday Deals

If you're like me (waiting until the last minute), it's not too late to get your Cyber Monday shopping on! Just a quick round up of some of my favorite sales below for ya...happy shopping! :) USA
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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Desserts

Pumpkin Bars

My mom taught me how to make this recipe years ago and every year they are ALWAYS a crowd pleaser!  Even people who say they don't like pumpkin always love these!  They are super light and moist and the cream cheese frosting is the perfect finish!  I only use 3/4 cup of confectioners sugar because I don't like super sweet frosting, but feel free to add more to satisfy your sweet tooth!

custard pumpkin pie

Alright y'all...this is for real the BEST pumpkin pie you will EVER have in your lifetime.  Another recipe that's been passed down from my great grandmother on my mom's side.  My mom's family is Mennonite btw and if you know what that means then you know they are phenomenal cooks!  I'm so blessed to have this recipe along with many others my mom and Mennonite family have passed down to me.  I look forward to making this pie every Thanksgiving.  This is one that will turn a pumpkin hater into a pumpkin lover y'all! Seriously.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope your Turkey Day is beyond blessed!